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Our Team

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About MAD

Customer Satisfaction is the most basic policy of our company. The client satisfaction rate is directly proportional to the success rate in the files.

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Mad Law Achievements

The basis of client satisfaction is the success rate in the files.
Areas of Expertise85%
Customer Satisfaction94%
Company Satisfaction94%
Successful File92%

What Do We Get As A Attorney's Fee?

Attorney fees vary depending on the legal event or subject.

In the case of private law, if there is a case in general, a certain percentage agreement is reached on the amount to be granted to the client, and if the case cannot be won, no fee is charged. In case of consultancy, a fee is determined according to the nature of the work and the time spent and the client is informed in detail at the beginning of the work.

In case of types of cases, such as criminal law, which are not determined by money, the lawyer’s fee is determined after the file is examined.

For this reason, you can make an appointment by calling our phone number or send an e-mail 24/7 to discuss the fee and ask any other questions free of charge.

What information do I need to forward to you?

After a long first meeting with you face-to-face in the office, the legal area in which your file requires expertise is determined and your file is assigned to a team specialized in that field.

Then, as a result of the detailed examination and research on your file, the legal roadmap to be followed is determined and you are informed again. After determining the road map, you will be asked what is considered necessary in the whole case or business.

Although this information varies by case or subject, it may even be vital evidence or indication to win the case.

These will always vary depending on the case or issue, and your file should be reviewed first. You can make an appointment or send an e-mail 24/7 to discuss the fee and to ask any other questions free of charge.

What is the duration of a case?

Although the Ministry of Justice is trying to determine the duration of the trial with the Hedef Target Time in Judiciary çalış study, the complexity of the case, the size of the dispute, the number of parties, the difficulty of eliminating the dispute points, the adequacy of the expert reports required in the technical fields or the duration of the change according to the legal reality to be revealed shows.

Although it is not possible to make a clear estimate, it is possible to make an approximate estimate based on our experience.

However, how long a case will last varies from file to file, and you should first review your file. You can make an appointment or send an e-mail 7/24 by calling our telephone number below to ask free of charge for any questions you may have about the duration of the case, fees or any other matter.

What kind of lawsuits are you interested in?

In the section titled ım Our Fields of Activity Sitem on our website, the fields where we work intensively are indicated and a text of information is included, but is not limited to these.

You can get an appointment or send an e-mail 24/7 by calling our telephone number below to get free information about this subject and to ask all the other questions in your mind free of charge.

How is the proceedings proceeding?

After the first client-lawyer meeting with you, preliminary information is given and how the process will proceed in general terms is explained. Then, the team assigned to your file will conduct a comprehensive research and you will be presented with the first report. The roadmap is detailed in this report. If you approve, the process starts immediately.

A roadmap will be determined according to the scope of the dossier, the data to be collected and the variability of the judicial decisions, paying attention to the statute of limitations and time-outs.

Subsequently, your case / file process will be concluded in your favor as soon as possible by submitting petition submissions, regular follow-up of the proceedings, accelerating the paperwork processes that must be received from the official authorities and conducting the necessary negotiations immediately.

You can make an appointment or send an e-mail 24/7 by calling our telephone number below to get more detailed and healthy information about this and all other matters you are curious about.

Lawyer - Client Privacy

MAD Law; lawyer – client privacy is strictly enforced, with vital importance to the protection of case secrets and trade secrets in its relations with clients.

Legal Protection

MAD Law is not only at trial stage; and provides legal protection before and after the dispute.

Fast and Accurate Response

MAD Law aims to prevent the possible grievances of its clients by ensuring that the right steps are taken without delay.

Do you want to work with us?

If you want to work with us by filling out the application form you can send us your personal information and the position you want to work. We will try to get back to you soon.
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