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İhsan Pulat

İhsan Pulat



İhsan Pulat, born in 1984, successfully graduated from Istanbul University, Faculty of Business Administration, Department of Business Administration in 2010. Pulat, who started his business life while he was still a student, provides Management Consultancy services in the fields of Management, Audit, Investment, Risk, Finance, and Brand Consulting, by reinforcing his experience of workers in various sectors since 2001 and the employer experiences he has gained in the management of the companies he has established since 2012, with his undergraduate education.

İhsan Pulat has realized that there is a serious demand in the field of Management Consulting by raising awareness in a professional sense, and for this purpose, he has established a different Management Consulting system, where the management consultancy companies need can be provided under one roof.

It has started to offer its professional experience to companies from a single and reliable source, which is the common choice of companies, with high standards, fast and effective consultancy services worldwide.

İhsan Pulat offers analytical approaches to company managements within the framework of the Holistic Business Plan for application areas with continuous monitoring and regular audit methods, based on creating solutions for all transactions of medium and large-scale companies, establishing a corporate system, developing a systematic operation, producing quality service and efficiency in implementation.


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