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Our Company's Story
About MAD

Our Story

MAD Law; The foundation of the company was founded with the idea of establishing an expert law firm which was founded by Kaya Pulat many years ago.

The main strategy of MAD Law is to provide “one-stop-shop” approach and to respond to all legal or technical needs from a single point and to save both time and costs.


Founding Lawyer


The basis of client satisfaction is the success rate in the files.
Areas of Expertise85%
Customer Satisfaction94%
Company Satisfaction94%
Successful Files92%

We serve clients in the best possible way.

Since the most basic principle of the law, we try to take all necessary measures to protect our clients’ rights. We give utmost importance to inform our clients on a regular basis simultaneously. Because we know that the more transparent the file progress, the success the file comes with it. Success brings customer satisfaction.

Lawyer - Client Privacy

MAD Law; lawyer – client privacy is strictly enforced, with vital importance to the protection of case secrets and trade secrets in its relations with clients.

Legal Protection

MAD Law is not only at trial stage; and provides legal protection before and after the dispute.

Fast and Accurate Response

MAD Law aims to prevent the possible grievances of its clients by ensuring that the right steps are taken without delay.


MAD Law; Taking into account the interests of clients at every stage of the investigation and prosecution; Both the collection and evaluation of evidence and a fair trial by taking the necessary steps to establish a correct judgment will take without delay.


MAD Law; brings a team of experts to the task according to the legal field and carries out the work in a detailed way by considering the technical dimension beyond the legal dimension.


MAD Law; first of all, it ensures that the team spares time to the client and the client in detail and carries out the whole process with the client.